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 If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas regarding these or additional issues, please contact me! - Jess


Education should always be a top priority.  Legislators should consult the teachers to see what works and what doesn't.  We have relied on outside sources to make educational decisions for far too long and this is damaging to our teachers and our children.  We've got to get back to the basics and talk to our educators!

Jobs and Infrastructure

Jobs and infrastructure go hand in hand.  It is not enough to simply have jobs, we need good paying, stable jobs for the people of the 70th District to thrive.  Businesses like to see a town in good repair, safe and well maintained roads, and government operations that serve the community well.  In driving the roads of this district, I've seen many areas that need someone to advocate for their repair.  In addition, many schools could use an update, expansion, or completely new building.  Our communities also need facilities to aid families who are struggling, childcare facilities that serve more than a typical 9 to 5 worker, and modern animal shelters to address the stray animal issue.  Not only are these services essential to a thriving community, they are also enticing to businesses looking for a location.  This is how we can build the 70th District up!


I have seen the distress caused by insurance difficulties firsthand.  My mom has a long list of major health issues, and while she was blessed with great insurance working for the state, even that didn't cover all of her expenses.  After her retirement, the issue only grew.  Obamacare was difficult to navigate and assistance in Tennessee was minimal.  

I know my mom isn't the only person who has faced these challenges.  We must provide affordable and simple options for all of the 70th District and we must expand Medicaid immediately.  Hospital closures have already begun and there has been bi-partisan agreement that these are largely due to the failure to expand Medicaid.  This is simply unacceptable.  Quick access to hospitals is essential for every Tennessean and I pledge to fight to ensure the 70th District never faces the loss of a hospital.


To put it simply, I like my guns like most southerners and I wouldn't want anyone to take them away.  I also like the ability to protect myself and my family if the need arises.  I am not an anti-gun Democrat and never will be.


Abortion is a terrible thing.  I don't believe it is a decision anyone ever wants to make.  While I believe that education and access to birth control is a major factor in reducing the abortion rate, I also believe that we can do better in the 70th District.  Most women who make that decision do so out of desperation.  As a Christian, a mother, and a citizen, I believe that we should provide support and assistance to these mothers in every way we can so that they know abortion is not the only option.  

I'm currently working on a committee that is holding a Community Baby Shower to offer this kind of support.  I hope to see more communities do the same as we strive to create programs to support mothers in desperate situations so that they can choose life.

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